Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easy Care Perennial with Standout Foliage

Yellow Comfry - Symphytum grandiflorum 'Goldsmith'
"Goldsmith" can be easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Mine grows in average soils, eastern exposure in my zone 6 garden. It is somewhat drought tolerance and can do reasonably well in dryish, shady locations. Many of the comfeys spread by creeping rhizomes however ‘Goldsmith’ remains controlled to one spot. Easily propagated by root cuttings or division. Trim foliage as needed to shape plant. Cutting back stems promptly after flowering may encourage a rebloom. I have seen no serious insect or disease problems. It has been said that slugs and snails may attack the foliage, but they never have visited my plant.

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Judy Bostic said...

Hi Michael; I had talked to you last year about painting concrete... Now I'm really into the hypertufa and was wondering if you still use the same ingredients today as you have in the past, which was
1 part Portland Cement
1 part peat moss
1 part perlite
I see so many others point of views on this, but was wanting your intake on it.
Ya know, Go to the experts....