Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keeping It Simple

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Hypertufa Container

Try making a container with just two plants. This container has just two perennials. Heuchra Midnight Rose and a mini Sedum.  The texture of the Heuchra is a nice contast to the fine leaves of the sedum.  The hypertufa container  which was  stained tan makes interesting contrast to the perenials.  The key to this combination growing well together is good potting soil. - more on that in the next post.


Betty819 said...

Just found your blog..Have a few questions about making Hypertufa:
#1 Does this have drainage holes in it? Can it be painted afterwards? Any specific type of paint that one must use?
#2 Where do you buy the molds or ideas for molds?
#3 What type of plants are usually used in hypertufas? My guess is alpine type plants or succulents?
#4 Do you use a specific type of soil in a hypertufa?
#5 Where would I find more design ideas for hypertufas?

Mike said...

Betty - sorry for delay
1 - Yes, all my pots have at least 1 2" drainage hole. You would do better using a stain. There are concrete stains, however you can also use stains for wood. For this pot, I used concrete dye - I added it when I mixed the hypertufa. Some have used paint - I have not.
2 this one is a large planting bowl, found at a garden center. However I have used a large kitty litter pan, or just about any plastic container - check dollar store.
3 You are correct - I have used mini conifers, this container has heuchra, It all depends on size of container and soil mix.
4. Yes - google Al's Gritty Mix -
5. Garden Web Forum - Hypertufa - or google hypertufa -