Friday, December 31, 2010

The Dancing Peacock 

The leaves on this Japanese Maple make you wonder if an artist had a hand in creating this tree. Very appropriately named, the leaves are graceful and elegant like a beautiful peacock dancing in the garden.  Even in the spring , the thickly dissected green leaves draw attention to this tree.  This is how one local garden centers in Camp Hill  desribies this tree -

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Finding  a place for this tree in your yard should not be too difficult.  Maybe next to a small  patio, or low deck where you can sit in a comfortable chair, sip a beverage,  then look up at the leaves,   ....    and relax.


Swedish Dekor said...

The blog looks great, and we love what you have done in your garden! The garden designs are awesome. Check out our blog for some more garden designs

scottweberpdx said...

So beautiful...definitely a plant worth making room for...and it doesn't even get too big!

Betty819 said...

Where did you purchased those wide zinc plant markers for outdoors? I've never seen the wide ones like that in catalogs.

Michael said...

The tags at my garden I found on the internet - Some garden catalog - not sure.. sorry The nice black one on one of my photos below --that was at Public Botanical Garden and I bet they are really expensive!
This is a really great tree to grow, and plan to get one this spring

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