Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hypertufa With a Touch Of Glass

Glass Mulch used to Embellish this Hypertufa Container

 I visited a local garden center the other day, and found a bag of glass mulch. The price was reasonable so I decided to make a purchase.  Got the bag home and found out the glass is not sharp, and rather easy to work with.     Wondering  if it could be used with hypertufa,  I mixed up a batch  and placed a line of glass  in the wet hypertufa.  After the bowl was unmolded it was necessary to fill in some spots with  glass  using craft glue. Overall I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. This project really  did not take much glass, - So I think I will try it something else.  


Ready for planting.

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Majid Hussain said...

Hmmm Great Honestly i never watch such decoration in a garden with old bowl.I really like the idea and thanks so for sharing the idea.its awesome.

Terrijhon @ garden design brisbane