Saturday, September 10, 2011

Conifers in Containers
It is not uncommon to grow conifers in containers.  It is rare however  to see a collection of plants like this, growing so well, unless you are in Oregon and you are at  Iseli Nursery  display garden.   While attending the American Conifer Society National conference in Oregon this summer, one of the stops on the conference tour  was a  visit  to Iseli Nursery .  The display garden has a fantastic collection of full size conifers  and a magnificent  collection of conifers in containers. 
Although the winters in Oregon are a little milder that the winters in Pennsylvania, it is not impossible to keep a container of mini conifers like these in a hypertufa trough outside all winter.  Use a potting soil that contains a gritty mixture of ingredients is the first step to keeping the plants happy, and ensure that the roots dont rot in the container during the winter. 
Elevating the trough not only looks good, but helps to make sure the soil drains well. If you live in zone 6, then selecting plants that are zone 5 or ensure that the plants survive the winter.  
The best part of the visit to Iseli Nursery,was the ability to purchase some mini conifers. Iseli
allowed the ACS tour to purchase the  conifers that they usually sell to nurseries.  All the attendees came home with a collection of mini plants.

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